Mt.Amnye Machen Trek / Kora

Mt.Amnye Machen is located in Golok Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in southeastern Qinghai province, in the Amdo region of Tibet. The highest peak rises over 6282 meter or 20,620 feet and it the highest mountain in the Qinghai province. The Altitude of Golok on average is above 4200 meters.

Mount Amnye range is 28 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide, there is 13 peaks above 5800 meters. The glaciers cover 125 sq km, among which the Halong glacier is the most spectacular glacier with 8 kilometers length, 24 sq km coverage and 1800 meters height as the biggest glaciers in the Amnye Machen range.

Amnye Machen is one of the four main holy mountains of Tibet. Every year, thousands of pilgrimage makes their way to Amnye Machen to make their way to pilgrimage around the mountain. The trek around the Amnye Machen takes around 8-9 days. But Since 2014 there is huge road constrictions taking from Dawu Shulma town to the Machen county through northeast side of Amnye Machen range. There is no any more reason to take 8 or 9 days trek around the Amnye Machen kora. Mystic Tibet Tours has widely discovered Amnye Machen in the past 2 years, we have scouting a new trek route in the Amnye Machen glaciers.

We arrange 3-4 days or 7-8 days excellent trek route at Amnye Machen, the trek route first explored by the group from France and they had highly recommended our 3 days trek through the amazing breath-taking views of glaciers. So far there is few tourists have been lucky enough to witness the beauty of Mt.Amnye Machen. This area is granted by national tourism bureau as class A scenic spot.Climbing ,expedition or ecological travel here is very much worthy.

Journey along the rushing Halong River, ford the river on horseback, trek to the imposing Amnye Machen mountain, and travel up to the Tamchok Gongkar pass to witness a vast landscape of snow-covered mountains amid bubbling springs and grassland valleys. Meet local nomads along the way, enjoy views of the Rikar Thongshang Glacier, and visit an isolated monastery nestled within this breathtaking terrain.

Day 1: Xining-Qinghai Lake-Chabcha, 210km, 4 HRS.

Our Tibetan guide and driver meet you at your hotel in Xining. Drive to Shala Pass where you see nomads pasturing their animals on the grassland, with a marvelous panoramic view of grand Lake, meets the crystal clear sky. Continue driving another 2 hours to Chabcha. Stay over night in Chabcha.

Day 2: Chabcha-Drakar Dzong Monastery- Dawu Shulma. 420km, 7 HRS.

After breakfast, we will drive about 3 hours from Chabcha to Drakar Dzong Monastery. Today’s drive is enriched with some of the most interesting nomad-inhabited areas of north-eastern Tibet. We will take plenty of breaks to soak in the wilderness, meet local nomads, get to know about nomadic culture and lifestyle, and enjoy the stunning views. We will arrive in Dawu Shulma in the early evening to camp overnight.

Day 3: Rikhar Tongshang Glacier 2HRS

Drive to Halong-Chu Valley, we will pass Drakdar pass(4700m), viewing the scenery of Rikhar Tongshang Glacier, from far, and see the three ice covered peaks of the Amney Machen mountain in blessing. Visit the glacier and Gere monastery. Average altitude:4,450m. Camp for the night at 4000m.

Day 4: Trek 12 km (6hrs) to Base Camp of Mt.Amnye Machen

Trekking for about 12 km (6hours) to Base Camp of Mt.Amnye Machen, there are two small lakes and local nomads call these lakes Silver Lake and Gold Lake. We will continue walk down the the valley, breath-taking views of Amnye Machen highest peaks and spectacular glaciers appear in front of you. Camp near the nomadic winter place.

Day 5: Trek 12km (6 hrs) Halong Valley Camp

Trekking for about 12km (5-6hours) to Halong Valley, on the way we can see all the breath-taking glaciers of Mt.Amnye Machen. Once we arrived at our Camp site then we can hike up to the grassy hill behind the camp site. Where we will have a breath taking landscape of the Mt.Amnye Machen range and spectacular glaciers. Visit nomadic Tibetans. Camp for the night.

Day 6: Trek 14km (7 hrs) Yilong Valley Camp

We will cross the river, pass the nomadic families and pass the Yi Pass. This pass is over 4300 meter. Usually there is nomadic families in the Yilong Valley. We have a very good chance to visit local nomadic families. We will camp at nomads winter place, driver will come to meet group there.

Day 7: Amnye Machen –Machen County 80km 4 HRS

We will drive to Machen county, which is the capital of Golog Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. The road to Machen county is dirt, usually take 4-5 hours to Machen county. If the time allowed then we take a visit the monastery next to the town. Stay in Machen for the night. Stay the night in Machen hotel.

Day 8: Machen --Ragya Monastery—Xining 480km 7 HRS

In the early morning drive back to Xining. We will drive through rolling grasslands of Golok and Tsolho. We will pay a visit to Ragya monastery, which is the second-largest Buddhist monastery in Qinghai, with over 500 monks. On the northern banks of the Yellow River. Afterwards, continue drive to Xining. Once arrive your hotel in Xining, say a goodbye to our Tibetan guide and driver, ended your pleasant journey in Amdo.

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