Money & Exchange

Today, it’s very easy to change foreign currency at any Bank of China and Top-end hotels in Lhasa. ATMs are also readily available in Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse and Tsethang. You can also change money at Zhangmu at the Tibet-Nepal border as well.

If you head up to West Tibet, you’d better take some cash before you go due to the fact that the exchange rate is higher there than in Central Tibet. If you travel through Kham and Amdo regions in eastern Tibet, we strongly suggest you to take some cash before you leave from Xining or Chengdu. You can also use ATMs in towns such as Dratsedo (Kangding), Gantse, Shangri-la and Jyekundo.

Though credit cards are commonly used in Western Countries, in Tibet, it is still very rare to find places where they are accepted. However, some top-end hotels in Lhasa and the Bank of China will accept credit cards.
Here at Mystic Tibetan Tours, we don’t accept credit cards and only accept cash in RBM if you pay in our offices in Xining or Lhasa.