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Trekking From Muli to Yading in Kham

A trek from Muli to Yading in the footsteps of Joseph Rock to be captivated by the primitive Tibetan villages, magnificent valleys, virgin forests, highland pastures, snow-capped mountains and ancient glaciers, and thrown definitely back to thousands of years ago into the world of splendid beauty and purity as if in the fairyland.

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Amdo Monlam Prayer Festival 2024

The Monlam Chenmo Festival or “Great Prayer Festival” was established by Lama Tsongkapa in 1409, to commemorate Shakyamuni Buddha’s performance of miracles in Shravasti. Commonly known as the third of Lama Tsongkapa’s four great deeds, Monlam Chenmo celebrations have been observed every year since, to pray for the long life of attained masters from all traditions, for the growth of Dharma in the minds of all sentient beings, and for world peace.

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Kham Overland Tour

Through this journey we will pass through Lhagang and Lithang are very traditional village and town with very important pilgrimage site. Lithang grasslands is the highest grasslands in eastern Tibet Plateau and Lithang is famous for it’s colorful horse festival. Yarchen Gar is the second largest monasteries in Tibet and home to over 10,000 nuns and monks. There is world’s great rivers, Mekong and Yangtse Rivers, the longest river in Asia. Derge town is one of the three ancient centers of Tibetan culture also famous for its three storey printing house which is built in 1729.

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Xining Day Trip

Kanbula National Forest Park
Kunbula National Forest Park located in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, 131 kilometers (81.4 miles) from Qinghai’s capital city Xining, the Kanbula National Forest Park is an ideal place for traveling, sightseeing, vacation, camping and scientific expeditions. Kanbula is a spectacular area of weathered red sandstone, overlooking a reservoir on the headwaters of the Yellow River. 

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