Serving Communities

As part of the mission of Mystic Tibet Tours, we aim to improve the welfare of Tibetans by supporting local communities in meaningful ways. Through creating jobs, buying directly from local farmers and small businessmen, passing on daily necessities to nomad families, and donating to a nearby orphanage, we strive to integrate our social engagement into our business practices. While we welcome individuals who are interested in participating in some of these endeavors, we take care not to impose any obligations on them. Our community work is private in nature and remains separate from our pricing.

Dorjee Dan School

Dorjee Dan Nationality vocational-technical secondary school is situated at Mentang Township. Jiuzhi county of Golok prefecture Qinghai province. The construction of the school had started since 2004 and completed in 2010. It was formally opened on 19th August 2010. The mission of the Dorjee Dan School is not only support nomad children but also to preserve traditional Tibetan culture by educating children from entire Tibet in traditional Thangka painting, traditional music and dance, traditional tailor ,Tibetan medical and literature, in addition for the vocational classes we have mathematics, Tibetan , Chinese and English language class, presently we have 25 staff members and 276 Tibetan students, However, despite the school’s success, it is severely lacking in facilities and financial support.

At Mystic Tibet Tours, we work to help raise money for the school, donate winter clothing, introduce homeless children to the school, and assist in getting the young artists’ paintings on the market. We regularly visit the students and visitors to Xining are welcome to join us on a trip there.

All the expenses of the school including construction is undertaken by Lama Dorjee Dan alone, and he is determined to devote every effort to fulfill the ambitions of the students, due to the limitation of one’s ability a lot of things we can’t do even our willing is high up the mountain of the school is still very far form good , so here we are seeking support form those kind and generous persons ,the entire staff and students, would be very grateful if and one can extend a warm hand toward this school.