Mysterious Amdo Tour

Begin your awesome travel from the nomadic regions of Amdo to the beautiful valleys of Yellow River and to see the stunning turquoise lake. Visit remote monasteries along the Yellow River and see the traditional nomads herding yaks. Take the chance to have a picnic in the blooming flower fields.

The trip starts in Xining and to goes remote monasteries in Amdo region to some alpine lakes around at Mt.Nyenpo Yurtse and Mt. Amnye Machen, Mt. Amnye Machen is the most sacred mountain and a place of pilgrimage. Amdo Tibetans believe it to be home to the protector deity Machen Pomra. This tour offers great wild mountain scenery and make adventurous trekking with its fantastic landscapes. Drakar Dredzon Monastery is a gretreat hermitage and mystic meditation caves around the monastery. Drive back to Xining via world’s largest salt lake, Qinghai Lake.

Departure Date: Year round

The cost: E-mail us for the tour price detail.

Duration: 11 days and 10 nights.

Day 1: Xining-Rebkong via Shachung monastery (2160m) 180kms / 3hrs

We will drive out to Shachong Monastery, one of the four famous monasteries in Amdo, located on the top of a hill on the northern Yellow River. Afterward, we'll drive along the Yellow River to Repkong (Tongren), which is known as the cradle of Tibetan arts, we will spend the night in Repkong.

Day 2: Rebkong

After breakfast, we'll drive to Sanggeshong Yago and Mago, today well-known as the artists' village in Rebkong;they were established in the 15th18th centuries. Afterward, we will visit Rongwu Monastery, the biggest monastery in Rebkong and home to more then 400 monks today. In the afternoon, if time allows we'll take a detour to Gomar Monastery and pay a visit to the giant Chorden. We will spend the night in Rebkong.

Day 3: Rebkong - Gartse - Labrang Monastery (2800m) 120kms / 2 hrs

We will drive through traditional villages to Gartse and pay a visit to the monastery there on the way to Labrang, Afterward, we will continue drive on the open grassland filled with yaks and sheep. In the afternoon, we'll visit the Labrang Monastery, one of the six largest monasteries of the Gulukpa, Today home to more than 1500 monks. If time allows,we'll take a walk around the monastery. we will overnight in Labrang.

Day 4: Labrang - Takstang Lamo (Langmusi) (3300m) 210kms / 4hrs

Today we drive to Taktsang Lamo through rolling grassy plateau, with thousands of yaks and yak-hair tents along the road. It is a very beautiful village surrounded by green forest and rocky mountains, and is an excellent place for hiking and riding horses on day trips to visit nomad families and have lunch with nomad family. Once arrived there we will visit the monastery and hike up the gorge. we will spend the night in Taktsang Lamo.

Day 5: Takstang Lamo (One day Horse Riding trip)

Taktsang Lamo is a rural Tibetan village located among steep grassy meadows, surrounded by snow clad peaks and rocky mountains, There are many monastery buildings and numerous possibilities for hikes and horse trekking. It’s a wonderful place to relax. Take a horse riding day trip to visit local nomads and taste traditional Tibetan food with a nomad family; in the afternoon you will ride back to the town for the night.

Day 6: Takstang Lamo - Machu - Jigdril (3800m) 225kms / 4hrs

We'll leave for Jigdril via the marshy grassland of Machu county; this boundless grassland is full of nomads and yaks. You will visit traditional nomads along the road and ride yaks throughout the vast grassland. There is a small monastery of the Nyngmapa order filled with thousands of prayer flags on the hillside. We will overnight in Jigdril.

Day 7: Jigdril - Mt. Nyenpo Yurtse - Jigdril

Today, we'll drive to Mt. Nyenpo Yurtse (5,933m); this range has 14 peaks over 5000 meters. There are some alpine lakes around the range; It's an excellent place to take a short hike around the alpine lake and blooming flower fields, picnic on the lake shore, and feel the natural beauty. In the afternoon we will drive back to Jigdril for the night.

Day 8: Jyigdul - Machen (3800m) 275kms / 6hrs

Driving through rolling hills to Machen via Darlag, enjoy the boundless grassland full of nomads and yaks. Once arrived there we can explore the small temples beside the town and see the colorful prayer flags on the hillside. we will spend the night at Machen.

Day 9: Machen - Amnye Machen - Drakar Dredzong Monastery (3300m) 365kms / 6hrs

Next we'll drive to Drakar Dradzong Monastery, passing through Amnye Machen range along the stunning, rolling grasslands of Golok, our route is Machen to Shatawu via Mt. Amnye Machen; Tibetans believe Amnye Machen to be home to the protector deity Machen Pomra. The snowy peaks of Machen Pomra range and the glaciers are wonderfully picturesque. Look out at the glaciers and continue on to Drakar.

Day 10: Drakar Dredzong - Chabcha (3000m) 180kms / 3hrs

In the early morning we'll drive to Drakar Dredzong Monastery, where there are lot of retreat hermitage and mystic meditation caves around the monastery. This monastery is one of the most sacred sites in the Amdo region.You can visit the monastery and explore the sacred caves around it. Afterward we will drive to Chabcha for the night.

Day 11: Chabcha - Qinghai Lake - Xining (2200m) 260kms / 5hrs

Today we'll drive back to Holy Lake; Qinghai Lake is the world’s largest salt lake. Once there, you can take a walk along the lake shore and ride horses there. In the afternoon we'll drive to back Xining via the Sun and Moon mountains. Ended your pleasant journey in Amdo Tibet.

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