Mt. Mandza Trek

Mt.Drakshargol located in north of Zoige county, Aba prefecture , Sichuan province, is a naturally formed forest and majestic rocky mountains. The highest peak of Drakshargol is over 5000m, it’s holy pilgrimage site for local Tibetans.

There is very good chance to homestay with local Tibetan farmers and camp with local Tibetan nomads on the opened grassland of Zoige, there are hundres of holy caves, wild life and wildflowers find in the mountains, Zoige is located in Ngawa prefecure, Sichuan province. Prairie Zoige belongs to the boundless grassland, on average more than 3000 meters above sea level, which is one of the best grassland in Asia.

Day 1: Day 1: Xining---Shachong Monastery---Rebkong(Tongren)(2160m) 180km, 3hours

You will go from Xining to Shachung Monastery, which is located on a mountain top and has a great view of the Yellow River. Afterwards, we'll drive to Repkong. Repkong is home to 3 large Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and is famous across Tibet for its artists. You will see beautiful views driving along the Yellow River. Once in Rebkong, we will visit Rongwu monastery, the biggest monastery in Rebkong and home to more 400 monks today.

Day 2: Rebkong

After breakfast, drive to Afterward, we will visit Rongwu monastery, the biggest monastery in Rebkong and home to more 400 monks today. In the afternoon, if time allows,we will take a detour to Gomar Monastery and visit the gaint Chorden. We will Spend the night in Rebkong.

Day 3: Rebkong—Labrang (Xiahe) (2800m) 100km, 2 hours

Early morning we will visit Sanggeshong Yago and Mago, today well known as artists' village in Rebkong; they were established in the 15th18th centurices. Afterwards, we will drive to Labrang through the famous grassland of Gyanga to Labrang. Labrang Monastery is one of the six major Tibetan monasteries of the Gelugpa order of Tibetan Buddhism. It used to be home to over 4000 monks and today there are over 1500 monks. Many important religious events have been held in Labrang Monastery through the years. If time allows its worth while to take the Kora. we will overnight in Labrang.

Day 4: Labrang—Sanke grassland—Vambha Village (2800m) 320km, 5hours

Today we will drive to Vambha through the rolling grassy plateau; there are thousands of yaks and yak hair tents along the road to Tibu county. It is a very beautiful village surrounded by green forest and rocky mountains. It is an excellent place for short hiking and meet local Tibetan people, visit local families and to have a dinner with local family. Spend the night with local families in Vambha and prepare for our trek.

Day 5: Vambha—Bon monastery—Secret Cave 4-5hours

Trek up to the Bon Monastery and camp near the monastery, day hike from the Bon monastery to secret caves. Usually it takes 2-3hours to explore the secret caves in the rocky mountain, it’s locally holy site, camp.

Day 6: Bon Monastery—Zari pass—Source of River 5-6hours

After breakfast, trek up to the Zari pass through the grassy hills and trees. Head out into grasslands over the high pass.This pass is the second highest pass. Once you arrive on the pass then there is flat grassland filled with yaks, sheep and horses. You can also visit local nomad families and we will camp near the nomads.

Day 7: River source—Dhago Valley—Shewa Longwa 4300m / 5-6hours

Trek up to the Dhago Valley through grassy hills, today we will pass the highest pass in the trek, Dhago pass is over 4300meters from the sea level. Trek up 900meters. The scenery on the way is very beautiful and today is toughest day, we will camp in Shewa Valley. There is very nice meadow for camping site.

Day 8: Shewa Longwa—Anetang 5-6hours

Trek down to the Shewa Longwa through meadow and forest. Descend to farming village and forest. Drop 800-900meters, we will camp for the night next to the farming village. Driver will come to meet your group at the camping site.

Day 9: Anetang—Labrang monastery 320km 5-6hours

Drive back to Labrang via rolling grassland of Luchu and Sanke grassland. Labrang is half way from Anetang to Xining, we will spend one night in Labrang.

Day 10: Labrang –Lanzhou airport 310km /6-7hrs

Drive to Lanzhou airport, Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu province. Once at the Lanzhou airport, say a goodbye to our guide and driver, ended your pleasant trek in Amdo Tibet region. There is also another option, you can also drive back to Xining and finish your trip there.

Map coming soon...