Tibet 2024 Travel Update

Tibet 2024 Travel Update For more Tibet Travel Information, email us at: For expats living in mainland China, there is the good news that Tibet tour is available from April/ 2024 Great news for all the foreigners who live in China. Finally, Tibet is reopened. We had so many traveller asking about Tibet trips […]

Jiuzhaigou National Park

Jiuzhaigou National is reopen now: 1) Opening areas include Shuzheng Valley(except Flaming Lake), Zechawa Valley and part of Rize Valley (from Nuorilang to Five-flower Lake). Most of the highlighting attractions of Jiuzhaigou are located in the opening areas, such as Long Lake, Five-Color Pond, Nuorilang Waterfall, Mirror Lake, Shuzheng Lakes, Double Dragon Lakes, etc. The […]

2024 Saga Dawa Festival

  Saga Dawa festival / May 25th (from may 25th to June 8th, 2024). Saga Dawa is the biggest religious festival after Monlam Chemo, and celebrates the enlightenment of Buddha and his entry into nirvana upon his death. Thousands of pilgrim crowd into the Jokhang temple, and the Lingkor circumambulation routes around Lhasa has a […]

2024 Litang Horse Festival

Litang Festival / From August 1st to 5th 2024 2024 Litang Festival will be held from August 1st to 5th 2023 in the so-called High-Town of Litang County. Before 2008, August 1st was annually the first day of the 3 days long Litang Horse Racing Festival that took place in the grassland of Litang county. […]

2024 Yushu Horse Festival

Yushu Horse Festival / From July 25 to August 1st  Yushu Horse Racing Festival held in Qinghai province is a traditional Tibetan Festival in Kham Tibetan Area. The festival is usually celebrated in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Region from July 25 to August 1 each year. The Yushu Horse Racing Festival boasts a long history and […]

2024 Rebkong Shaman Festival

Shaman festival (ཀླུ་རོལ་) / From 14th -23rd/2024  Shaman festival (ཀླུ་རོལ་) in Rebkong is held on the sixth lunar month of Tibetan calendar (summer time).  2023 Shaman Festival will be held in the period from July 14th-23rd. It is traditional ethnic folk entertainment activities in Tongren county. It has lasted for about 400-500 years and full […]

Amdo Monlam Chenmo Festival Tour in 2024

Monlam Chenmo was established in 1409 by lama Tsongkhapa, the great philosopher and founder of Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The first festival was held in Jokhang in Lhasa, where thousands of monks gathered together for chanting prayers and performing religious rituals, such as Buddhist dances (cham), torma offering, giant thangka unveiling, etc. Due to all these rituals have been preserved, they are being performed every first lunar month nowadays in Amdo.

Great Kalachakra Empowerment Hold at Machu Grassland 2016

A great master from Labrang monastery in Amdo to give a Great Kalachakra Empowerment at Machu county in Gansu province. The master Geshe Gyemey Pelden Gyatso, one of the great teacher of Labrang Monastery give Great Kalachakra Empowerment (དུས་འཁོར་དབང་ཆེན) in Ngura Grassland near Machu county from 7th June to 10th June, 2016.