Tibet 2024 Travel Update

Tibet 2024 Travel Update

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For expats living in mainland China, there is the good news that Tibet tour is available from April/ 2024

Great news for all the foreigners who live in China. Finally, Tibet is reopened. We had so many traveller asking about Tibet trips since last year. Now it’s time to book your flight and join our Tibet group tours with different options.

Tibet Travel Permit is required to enter Tibet

First of all, you need to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit before you head to Tibet. Also known as Tibet Visa, the Tibet Travel Permit is a must for all foreigners, including expats living in mainland China, to enter Tibet. Without it, you will not be allowed to board the train or flight to Lhasa.

Places that are opened to tourists: Lhasa (Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street and around area), Namtso Lake, Mount Everest, Shigatse, Gyantse, Nyingchi, etc.

How to get a Tibet travel permit for China expats

Step 1: First book your Tibet tour with us and confirm your travel itinerary and tour dates.
Step 2: Then send the copies of your Chinese Visa and passport, as well as other documents, to us to apply for the permit.
Step 3: We will submit the permit application to the Tibet Tourism Bureau.
Step 4: After it gets issued, we will immediately deliver the permit to your address in mainland China.


Tibet Flight Information:

You can take your flight to Lhasa from almost any place from mainland China (non-direct flight), but we recommend to you to take it from Chengdu because there are many daily flights, and also the cheapest. There is not any international flight between Tibet and other countries except Nepal (Air China CA407/CA408 and Sichuan Airlines 3U8719/3U8720). Please,notice that if you enter to Tibet by plane from mainland China, you need a your original Tibet travel permit to board your plane to Lhasa, so we will send you it the your hotel in mainland China before you arrival your hotel in mainland China. Please mentioned us detail your hotel address, contact number and name of person who booked hotel, even which date are you will staying your hotel. If you are not staying in mainland China. We can also delivery your Tibet Travel Permit on hand in some international Airport. This is helpful if you would like to connect your international flight to Mainland China with your following flight to Lhasa. Please have in mind delivery would be at Arrivals Terminal Gate and you need at least 2 hrs to collect your permit and catch flight to Tibet.


Tibet Train Ticket Information:

Prices and distance to Lhasa:

Departure Distance Hard Seat Hard Bed Soft Bed
Beijing West 4064 km 363 RMB 766 RMB 1189 RMB
Chengdu 3360 km 331 RMB 712 RMB 1104 RMB
Chongqing 3654 km 355 RMB 754 RMB 1168 RMB
Lanzhou 2188 km 242 RMB 552 RMB 854 RMB
Xining 1972 km 219 RMB 513 RMB 796 RMB
Guangzhou 4980 km 451 RMB 923 RMB 1530 RMB
Shanghai 4373 km 406 RMB 845 RMB 1314 RMB

We can provide train tickets to our customers who want to enter Tibet on the highest train in the world. Prices shown above are official prices. Due to the high demand of tickets for this train line, it’s really difficult to get them and high commissions might be applied. Sometimes is cheaper to fly to Tibet.
(Noted: From Chengdu to Lhasa train depart for every other day.( For odd days, Jan, April,May,Aug,Nov and Dec. Foreven days,Feb,march,june,jul,sept and oct.)