Tibet Info

Chinese Visa Information

Regarding your Chinese visa,you can apply for a Chinese tourist visa at the Chinese embassy/ consulate in your home country and in most Chinese embassy around the world. On the Chinese visa application, it asks for you to list the places in China that you plan to go to. It is very important that you NOT write Tibet on your application or any other Tibetan regions that are found in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Qinghai, western Sichuan or southwest Gansu. If you write Tibet or any Tibetan town or region on your visa application form, there is very good chance that your application will be denied.

2024 Tibet Travel Permits

The Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) and Alien Travel Permit (PSB permit) are the official documents that allow foreign travelers to enter the Tibet Autonomous Region and permit travel to certain other regions of Tibet. We can arrange Tibet Travel Permits to the TAR and to travel beyond into areas that require the Alien Travel Permit (PSB permit) and Military Permit.