Mt. Minya Gonggar Trek

Mt.Minya Konka or Gongga Trek
Mount Minya Konka or Gongga rises to 24,790 feet (7,556 meters) with a snow line at about 18,000 feet (5,500 meters). It is one of the most popular trekking destinations in the west of Sichuan. Minya Konka is located in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan within one day’s drive from Chengdu. Minya Konka is a holy mountain among local Tibetan People.
A trekking trip to Minya Konka normally needs about a week and it is a serious camping trekking. In a Minya Konka trekking, you can see the many snow-capped peaks including Minya Konka, alpine views of Tibetan landscape, nomads Tibetan people, glaciers and Tibetan Monasteries.Tourists can enjoy a magnificent snowy mountain range with more than 50 snow-capped mountains surrounding Mount Minya Gongga.
Climbing Mount Gongga is more challenging and difficult than climbing Mt. Everest for the climate of Gongga is moist, snowy and very changeable. It is recorded that only 24 people have reached a peak, while 37 people have died during the attempts.

Landscape and Trails under Foot

Its terrain features a complex of glaciers, grasslands, and alpine pastures, making it the highest mountain outside of Himalaya on Tibet Plateau. This trek follows off-the-beaten trails made by former adventurers. Panorama views of the spectacular peaks with stopovers for Tibetan cultures.

The many stunning views can be found around this giant massif near Kangding, including the famous and well-facilitated Hailuogou Valley where we have great views of the massive glaciers and the eastern face of Minya Gonggar; the splendid red rock landslide near Yajiageng; quite alpine valleys, nomads villages in the total wilderness over the Minya Gongga trekking trails.

Minya Konka Packing list

trekking boots, trekking hat, Jacket/windbreaker, Base layer/T-shirt, Walking trousers, Thermals, Fleece, Socks

Backpack, -15C down Sleeping bag (mummy), Water bottle, Walking poles, Bum bag

Waterproof, Sunglasses, Sun block, Flashlight/headlamp, Insect repellent, Toiletries

Camera, Cell phone, Charger, batteries

First-aid kit, Personal medications

Physical Requirement

Minya Konka is a serious trekking. Hikers to Minya Konka need to be adequately fit to do it. Minya Konka trekking involves walking at elevation over 3500+ meters and the highest place being 4500+ meters. There are in total 6 days of trekking in a Minya Konka trekking tour. Each day the walking distance is about 15 km and usually takes about 6-7 hours. You have to consider your fitness before you decided to do a Minya Konka trekking. A little physical training may be helpful. Travelers who have never been to this height before are suggested to consult with your doctor before you go.

Best Time to Mount Gongga

Mount Gongga is located in Tibetan plateau and its climate is influenced by altitude. The temperature decreases and the rain capacity increases as the altitude rises. And the rainy season in Mount Gongga is from June to November while July, August and September rain the most. The dry season is from November to May. Considering safety, the best time to climb Mount Gongga is from late May to early Jun and in mid-Nov, the time period between the rainy season and dry season. The best time to trek Mt.Minya Gongga is from April, May, June, September and October.

Day 1: Chengdu – Kangding 360km 7 HRS

Journey starts in Chengdu. It is a day on vehicle when we arrive in Kangding after 6 hours' riding. Be briefed the on the trip the former day before we begin. Enjoy the views and landscape changing from plain into mountain ranges along the way. 

Day 2: Kangding – Laoyulin Village—Campsite 2-3 HRS trek

After breakfast we drive to Laoyulin 20 kilometers, meet our porter team and start our journey by the end of bumpy road in the Gyazela Valley. Behind us are the visible Wuse Mountains among which the highest named Tianhaizi peak with a height of 6070 meters. Along the river we witness the incredible alpine landscape until we reach our campsite at Gesar meadow(2700 meters). Camping

Day 3: Gesar Meadow - Upper Riwoche 5-6 HRS Trek

Today we have views not only the ice-capped mountains but also a variety of unknown flora as we ascent. Melted water flushing down the rocky streambed where many rocks have been polished edgeless. Here also offer great one day hike up to the glacier and alpine lake in the mountains. We will camp next to the local nomad families. Camping

Day 4: Upper Riwoche – Riwoche Pass(4850m)--Jiazela meadow 7 HRS Trek

Today is more physically demanding to cross over the Riwoche Pass which has an elevation of around 4850 meters. There is spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks, when we ascent to the pass. More peaks become visible as we reach the top. Snow peaks after snow peaks behind green mountains along our trail. Prepare for one river crossing reach camping site. We will camp for the night after cross the chilly rivers. Camping

Day 5: Jiazela Meadow- Gonggar Monastery 8 HRS Trek

Today we will trek through wild forest on the trail of gradual ups and downs all the way to Gonggar monastery. Gongga monastery is a Kargyupa monastery that has long been a base camp for Minya Gonggar expedition teams. Gongar monastery offers excellent views of Mt. Minya Gonggar, one of the highest in Hengduan Mountains: 7556 meters. Stay in monastery guesthouse.

Day 6: Gongga monastery – Tsemey Village--Lhagang(Tagong) 4-5hrs

A little walks around the monastery, waiting the Minya Gonggar show itself in the morning light. Afterwards, trek down to the Tsemey village. Trek ends in Tsemey village, here we will meet our driver and then drive to Lhagang grassland en route catch the last splendid view of Minya Gonggar at Tsemey Pass. Stay the night in Lhagang.  

Day 7: Lhagang ( One day horse riding in Lhagang) 180km 3HRS

We will take a short hike to a nunnery in the grassy hills and you will also have a chance to ride horse on the grassland, we can arrange one day horse riding adventure in Lhagang according to groups interests and requests. Visit monasteries and visit nomads in Lhagang.  Stay in Lhagang.

Day 8: Lhagang-- Kangding – Chengdu 480km 8 HRS

Today we ride back to Chengdu. Your pleasant journey ended and say a goodbye to our Tibetan guide and driver once you arrived your hotel in Chengdu.

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