Amdo Horse Riding Adventure

Zoige County is located at the northeast edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, to the north of Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in Sichuan province. Star Amdo Tibet journey into a vast landscape of rolling grasslands and grassy mountain peaks in the northwest of Sichaun, this amazing opened grasslands border with Gansu province, traditional nomadic Tibetans still herd yaks and sheep in the traditional Tibetan region of Amdo.

We can arrange 2 or 3 days horse riding adventure trip at Takstang Lhamo (Langmusi in Chinese) and Thangkor village through the best grasslands in Zoige county, let local Tibetans arrange a authentic nomadic live experience through this beautiful summer grasslands of nomadic Tibetans, filled with countless yaks, sheep, horses and blossoming wildflowers with the zigzagging Kachu (White River) and Yellow Rivers.

Experience the real life of the nomadic Tibetans lifestyle in Zoige county, we can organize real Tibetan nomadic lifestyle horseback riding tours with these wanderers during the summer season". Tibetan Plateau’s sunrise, fresh air, and beautiful landscapes are unlike anything else in the rest of the world. The horse riding adventure through great rolling grasslands of Zoige county. We can arrange your trip start from the provincial capital Chengdu, Lanzhou or Xining according to your group schedule and requires. We can customize the tour according to your requests and interests.

Tibetan nomadic life experience in Zoige

Tibetan nomads live scattered throughout Tibetan Plateau on vast expanses of grasslands. Nomads raise horses, yaks, and sheep, moving their animals according to the season. In the summer, nomads live in yak-hair tents, but in the winter they move to more permanent dwellings. Renowned for their toughness and generosity, it is a pleasure to join a Tibetan nomad family for a warm cup of milk tea and yak jerky.

Day 1: Chengdu--Jiuzhaigou National Park 2000m / 420km 7 HRS

Our guide and driver will come to meet your group at hotel and then continue drive to Jiuzhaigou National Par, it’s natural beauty valley with wild mountains and green forest. Spend the night in Jiuzhaigou.

Day 2: Jiuzhaigou National Park  

After breakfast, prepare to enter the National Park gate; this place is one of the most natural beauty, with wild mountains and green forest and Tibetan style houses, before you enter the Park we hope all of our tourists are ready to take many pictures there, and spend the whole day to exploring this sacred Natural Park with snow capped mountains, green forest attractive and attractive waterfalls, we will spend the night in Jiuzhaigou.

Day 3: Jiuzhaigou National Park –Tangkor 3430m / 300km 5-6 HRS

Today we will drive to Tangkor through the most beautiful grassland in Asia, Dzoge county filled with yaks, sheep and horses. Tangkor is a small Tibetan nomad village along the Yellow River. Once there in Tangkor prepare for your horse riding adventure. Stay the night in hotel.

Day 4: Horse Riding 3430m/ 3-4 HRS

After breakfast, a brief horse-riding lesson and practice will be launched. Then we will start our 2-day leisure riding trip around the endless grassland. Enjoy the sun-rising early in the morning, breath the fresh air, riding by the beautiful Kachu River-famous for its rich natural resources and beautiful landscape. You will be visiting the local nomadic Tibetan families, birding, photographing the Yaks and Sheep. Camp with local nomad families.

Day 5: Horse Riding 3430m/ 3-4 HRS

We will ride our horses to pass and heading to nomadic summer camping area. Enjoy your horse riding and camp with local nomad family. Our sleeping quarters on nights 2 will consist of tents to camp in under the stars. Help local nomads herding the yaks and milk the yaks in the morning. Camp with local nomads.

Day 6: Thangkor--Taktsang Lhamo (Chi:Langmusi) 3600m  155km  3HRS

Drive to Taktsang Lhamo, it's also small Tibetan village with beautiful views around the monasteries. We will pay a visit to Kirti Monastery and take a walk in the Taktsang Lhamo valley. Spend the night in Lhamo. 

Day 7: Taktsang Lhamo--Labrang monastery (Chi:Xiahe) 245km 2950m 4-5 HRS

Drive to Labrang monastery, which is one of the great monasteries of Gelukpa School in Tibet. Today it is home to over 1500 monks. Once there in Labrang pay a visit to the monastery and take a Kora around the monastery. 

Day 8: Labrang --Rebkong (Chi:Tongren) 120km 2800m 2-3hours

Drive to Rebkong via Gangya grassland, once in Rebkong pay a visit to the Shangge Shong Yagotsang and Magotsang, today known as the art villages in Rebkong. Spend the night in Rebkong.

Day 9: Rebkong—Xining 190km 2250m 180km 3hours

We will visit Rongwu monastery, today home for over 400 monks and there are over 30 branch monasteries in Rebkong area. Afterwards, drive to Xining which is the capital city of Qinghai province along Yellow River. Here ends your pleasant journey in Amdo Xining. Say a goodbye to our guide and driver.

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