Monlam Chenmo Festival Tour in Amdo 2019

Monlam Chenmo was established in 1409 by lama Tsongkhapa, the great philosopher and founder of Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The first festival was held in Jokhang in Lhasa, where thousands of monks gathered together for chanting prayers and performing religious rituals, such as Buddhist dances (cham), torma offering, giant thangka unveiling, etc. Due to all these rituals have been preserved, they are being performed every first lunar month nowadays in Amdo.

Monlam Chenmo Festival Tour In Amdo 2019

Feb. 03 Xining/Tongren via Shachong

Feb. 04 Tongren (Full day visit GouFeby Gonpa, Sunning the Buddha)

Feb. 05 Tongren (Full day visit Wutun Monastery, Cham Dance)

Feb. 06 Tongren (full day visit to GouFeby Monastery, Cham Dance)

Feb. 07 Tongren/Xiahe

Feb. 08 Xiahe (Labrang Monastery)

Feb. 09 Xiahe (Labrang Monastery) Thangka Unfording Day

Feb. 10 Xiahe (Labrang Monastery) Cham Dance or Mask Dances

Feb. 11 Xiahe (Labrang Monastery) Exhibition of yak butter sculptures

Feb. 11 Labrang to Lanzhou